Children and young teens daily face struggles in just being humans and with emotional issues that are specific to their age group. I strive to help children with these particular issues. Experimentation with drugs and alcohol, depression and anxiety, sexuality concerns, schoolwork, identity and self-discipline, time management issues and family crises such as divorce or death all affect children differently than adults.

Am focused on working with children in both normal and difficult situations by offering a safe space in which they can express themselves about their daily struggles in being human and in traumatic/stressful situations. In so doing am able to help the child change their thoughts, feelings and behaviour.

I spend my time playing and talking with children struggling with these issues to assist them express their feelings, develop coping skills and find solutions to their issues. This is done in a warm, non- judgmental way and safe environment to help the children make positive personal decisions.

As a child therapist, am trained to provide strategies for coping with specific issues. I interview the parents and the child/children and sometimes offer family therapy as a way of helping the identified child. Am uniquely able to provide special assistance to children who are struggling with learning disabilities and/or emotional issues.

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