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Being able to recognize a separation between a job and living a fulfilling life is essential to improving one’s wellbeing — both physically and mentally. Work-life balance is not something everyone can accomplish and often requires something significant to alter their mindset and perception of what is important.

Those who lack work-life balance often bring work home, struggle with insomnia, cancel plans because of their other obligations and tend to have a short temper. Concentrating the majority of energy on work can also cause people to suffer from severe tension headaches, upset stomachs, and an increase of caffeine and alcohol use.

Therapy can help restore someone's work-life balance. Am able to work with clients to recognize how it is important to live a life that includes time for family, friends, work, exercise, leisure, and adequate sleep. I do this by encouraging my clients to look at their situation, identify any stressors, and formulate a plan to prioritize their time.

By making certain modifications, someone is more likely to feel energetic, capable, organized, and have a positive outlook on life. Clients learn that the fundamentals to successfully balancing work and a personal life are based on being satisfied and happy with employment, making healthy decisions, managing time, and practicing self-awareness. A good work-life balance means creating harmony between different aspects of life. Essentially, this means any benefits gained from each aspect can support and strengthen the others.

During therapy, setting limits and boundaries with others including partners, reviewing and resetting life and career goals, purposely scheduling both personal and social time will be emphasized. When incorporating partners' perspectives on certain goals and boundaries, what matters most will be put into consideration to alleviate ongoing arguments and help both partners figure out what matters most.

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