Loss and

There is no getting away from having to deal with loss and grief during our lifetime and the upsetting feelings that it brings with it. However, if your find yourself feeling continually depressed or distressed and the sadness is just not abating and becoming invasive with regard to the daily life, then consulting a professional counsellor could be the way to go.

Loss and grief counselling often aims to help the person who has lost a loved one or any other loss including job, body parts, relationships and so on cope with the more usual feelings and symptoms associated with grief. It also aims to help the person reach a healthy resolution which enables them to move on with their lives.

I am trained to understand that every person experiences grief in a different ways. It is a uniquely personal thing and I explore with you the feelings associated with loss and to assist you in finding suitable ways of moving forward with your life. I will encourage you to think creatively about the challenges you face ahead, associated with loss, and how you can overcome them and how to cope with difficult stages of grief.

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